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Eosta B.V. één van de winnaars van de European Business Award for the Environment 2018

20 november 2018

EOSTA B.V. is one of the seven winners of the 2018-2019 European Business Awards for the Environment, the scheme that rewards those businesses that are making the most outstanding contribution to sustainable development through eco-innovation.

EOSTA received the Developing Country Cooperation Award for its “True Cost of Food”
campaign, which calculates and communicates the hidden costs of the food system.

The other winners were:

  • A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U. (Spain) – Management Award (Micro
    and Small Entities)
  • Arçelik A.Ş. (Turkey) – Management Award (Medium and Large Entities)
  • ecop Technologies GmbH (Austria) – Business Process Award
  • Efficient Energy GmbH (Germany) – Product & Services Award
  • Jean Bouteille (France) – Management Award (Micro and Small Entities)
  • SUEZ SPAIN (Spain) – Business & Biodiversity Award

All the winners have placed respect for the environment at the very core of their business principles, and before winning the European Business Awards for the Environment made an excellent performance in their respective national competition (for the Netherlands: the prestigious Koning Willem I Prijs).

While presenting the awards, Gilles Gantelet, Director at the European Commission’s DG Environment, said: "The EU is at the crossroads of its transformation towards a more sustainable economy, and businesses are vital to drive this change forward. All the finalists of this year’s awards have taken major steps to bring us closer to a pollutionfree, low-carbon and circular economy, and we are here to celebrate their
achievements. These enterprises prove that eco-innovation isn’t just about protecting our planet – it’s also an excellent business decision, playing a key role in European

The winners were announced during the European Business Awards for the Environment Ceremony that took place on 14 November in Vienna (Austria) as part of the “Growth in Transition” conference, in the presence of Jürgen Schneider, Director General, Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

The winners were recognised in six different areas: Micro and Small Companies
Management; Medium and Large Companies Management; Product and Services;
Business Process; Developing Country Cooperation and Business and Biodiversity. The
jury exceptionally decided to award two winning companies in the Micro and Small
Companies Management category.

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